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Cat-eater(Sometimes reffered as Cat eater) is an enemy in Shelie series, which is the third basic enemy. In Shelie's voyage 2 is revealed, than it is a desert cityzen, but the species has it's own villages in the jungle, but in Shelie's Voyage 3 they seem to be much more used. Also, later they rather live in the jungle, than in the desert. As seen, they can ride Burdog, make their houses from wood and leaves, climb on the trees and create their clothes with green, blue, yellow or red color, which is given by the job of the cat-eaters. The green ones holds a torch and shoot spark projectiles. The red ones are walking with large speed, they can hold a spear and attack Shelie with it, o

Cat-eater in SV, can be found only in red form.

r they can ride burdogs. The yellow ones follow Shelie as she moves, but are slower than the others. Blue cat-eaters are just like the red ones, but much more quick.


As written above, cat-eaters have a lot of jobs, which contribute to the community. These are:


Normal red cat-eaters, speared ones or green-suited ones work as guards.


Burdog jockeys can import various things, as wood or strings.

Food collectors[]

Blue cat-eaters collect food for the community.


Yellow cat-eaters work as spies. They get informations about other cat-eater groups.

Relationship with Shelie[]

Cat-eaters are living in their own, very large village and they aren't foes of Shelie, but they are defensing their home and if Shelie wants to get trough it, they will battle with her.

Relationship with Kotch[]

Cat-eaters want to eat Kotch, so they try to fight with him. They run faster, when they will met him.