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Full moon is Saurum's first shooter/defense ever and fourth game released 6th July 2012. It has 4.5/5 stars and 'Not bad' review.


One guy went to the cementry. He gave flowers on his family grave, but then, he heard something. It was the sound, which only zombies can make! He looked on the sky. The shiny large moon was in his final phase. Then, some specters attacked him from top. One sniper lived next to the grave. He saw that all, left his house with his gun and tried to defeat the creatures, which left the hell. Can the guy survive till the night ends?


Use your mouse to kill enemies, before they'll attack the guy. He has to survive 120 seconds or 160 second in one level. From some enemies, you will get bonus meal. Click on it and it will decrease the time or add health to the guy.


  • Spider from this game may be a kind of Cobble in Token.
  • All enemies splash blood when killed, but bats and spiders don't.
  • This is the first game, where zombies appear, but they were announced to be in SV2.
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