GK 1

3rd level of GC


Grass Cutter is PC game created by Saurum Company, that appeared on yoyogames on 17 March 2013. It's small arcade, that sometimes looks like puzzle. It has 4,3/5 stars on yoyogames and second game in Blocker project.


This was used to be Saurum's second game, but the first version had easy sprites. After two years, they created a very new engine and published it.


Grass cutter has 14 levels. At first you can see tutorial, how to play the game. First three levels aren't hard, but after that monsters will appear. Last three levels are very difficult, because you have more cutters in one mission.  

How to playEdit

In GC you are a red circle and you have to cut all grass in course. On start you stand, but can't stop. You use arrows to walk. If you crash to the wall or octopuses, you will die.  

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