Iceguy(right), the game's main hero

Iceguy is a Saurum game released on 26th june 2013.


On the planet Blamelt, two races are fighting for the throne, fire men and ice men. The fires suddenly attack the ice land and it's only on Iceguy to save them.


The game has 16 levels divided to four worlds. These are:

Ice templeEdit

This is the basic, easy-to-beat world. It's also something like a tutorial for the game.

Snow tunnelEdit

This world is just a path, with ceiling and floor on every place.

Echoic cavernEdit

This is a dark level. Here's just a circle of light around Iceguy and it's hard sometimes to even reach the exit.

Fiery citadelEdit

This world is the hardest. Lava is always on the bottom and a new enemy, Slipod, who can't be beaten appears. At the end, Iceguy defeats the fire king and the game ends.

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