This knight can shoot!

Knightelus is a computer game by Saurum Company. It's about a knight who can shoot and who has been trapped in a castle.

How to beatEdit

First, go down and press the yellow button. Then go up and press the green one. Go to the middle floor and then down from it. You will find two switches - purple and orange. Don't press the orange yet! That would delete the brigde over lava and it is the only way in and out now. Press just the purple and go one floor up. Dodge all the shots and press the red switch. Now, you can calmly press the orange one and go to the topmost floor left. Press the blue switch and go down, where you will fight with Agitus. He has 3 lives, kill him and continue to the cellar. Now, you openned the main door and you can exit, but first, you have to beat the main boss - Statue of dead cat. It has 10 lives and its' shots attenuate yours. Then, you finished the game.


(From official Knightelus 2.0 help)


Simple tank programmed just to ride from point to point and shoot in random sequences. If you shoot it, hit won't be able to shoot, until it'll change its' direction.


Robot that can't move, just shoot to target - you. If you'll shoot it, it will take some time until he'll recuperate.


This light can damage you a lot - touching it will result in a instant game over!


Like another usual 8-bit castle, this one has lava in it. Like lava in real world, this one will also kill you, when you fall in a pool of it.


This red ghost has to protect the main switch, and be careful - Agitus can shoot, too. Shot him 3 times to kill him.

-Statue of dead cat

That named statue protects the main door. It shoots large-sized fireballs that are hard to dodge. Shot it 10 times to kill it.

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