Kotch with Answerb on his chair

Kotch (full name Purry Garfield Kotch) is M-carrot's tomcat. The joke, that he is Saurum's consultant was used a lot in 2011 and 2012, but now he is described just like the leader's cat. He has his own chair, where he lies when another employees are working. His bedroom is in M-carrot's room, which is behind his office. According to facebook, he's got orange fur, not ginger, that is also a joke used in past.

  • Kotch has his own facebook page, where's written, than he's director. That's because when M-Carrot was young, he recorded some films and credited him in this job.
  • He has only one eye working, the second one got scratched by some cat and now has a pinkish color. He has also problems with gums.
  • He's 7 years old and turns 8 in November.
  • He is not on Saurum's yoyogames account and wasn't there even during the consultant joke time.
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