This article is about the character. If you want to see the employee, see Kotch.

Kotch the tomcat








Cat-eater,Strange thing,Gloxperrg

Kotch is Shelie's friend and he helps her in her quest. He is a ginger tomcat which's track starts in the desert.

Age[edit | edit source]

Kotch, the employee, is 7 years old, so he is 49 cat years old. But Answerb said, than this Kotch is 36 cat years old and that it is not the same person.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Kotch offers help everytime his friend Shelie wants it, but he has a big fear of what could happen. If anyone of his friends agree to go for example through some dangerous path, he is the only one to doubt.

He lives in a house even more far to city than Shelie, that together with other facts proves, that he is rather a shy person. He rather has a little of friends than a big group like Shelie and it takes him longer to accept someone as a friend. Though, he appreciates these friends a lot.

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