First level of the game

Odd Adventure of Yellow Fellow(often reffered to as OAOYF) is 12th Saurum game and also first rage game from the company. It features a story of Yellow Fellow, who got shot while shopping(More in the 'Story' section). It is mostly an action game with some logic and shooter elements, because during the boss battle, which is included in the game, the player can shoot fiery projectiles. The game is mostly humorous and tries to make fun of the player in a way to make him laugh.


Yellow Fellow serves as a narrator during the cutscenes, telling his own story. When he, young tall man, went to a shop next to a city in which he lives and bought a pack of 'Super Spicy Nachos', that he enjoys eating, a projectile hit him, causing him to fall asleep. After awakening, he finds himself in some sort of cave on a little balcon from where leads only door. As he enters the door, the game begins.

After he gets through the cave, ice storage and even a fiery volcano-inside-like place, he meets the person who did this all to him - Dr. Vengeful, who says that he did it just because his hairstyle and clothes and decides to kill him himself after the creatures in the mazes didn't and gets in his killing machine. Yellow Fellow thinks he'll die, until he realizes he still has the pack of the nachos. After swallowing it's content, he is able to shoot fire.

Destroying the machine causes it to explode, leading to an explosion of the whole place. Yellow Fellow is shot away, obtaining a skateboard, with it's help he is able to land goodly. After landing, it's revealed that he was in a castle located on an island. He decides to help innocent people and become a superhero, but then gets crushed by a giant leg, after what the credits roll. After that, we see that Yellow Fellow damaged, but still alive continues walking upon reaching the 'To the City' mark after what a 'The End' card appears and the game ends.


The gameplay is simple - Yellow Fellow can be controlled using arrow keys only, plus he can fire projectiles using space in the boss battle. When he gets killed by traps or enemies, he respawns on the room start.

The game consists from 3 levels, that contain each around 15 rooms:

Level 1 - Weird Cave: 15 rooms

Level 2 - Ice Storage: 16 rooms

Level 3 - Fatal Grounds: 10 rooms + Boss room

Each of the levels has it's own graphics and music, that lasts for about 3 minutes.


Dot Hog :

Dot Hog is a creature, that looks like a breed between a pig and a dog. It only runs from left to right and appears in levels 1 and 3.

Burlair :

These are large, hairy creatures, that work as Dot Hogs but also can walk up and down and are slower. They appear in level 2.


Scint is a quick icy creature that appears in level 2. It has a purpose to scare the player, but if done correctly, it can be dodged easilly.

Ball crier:

This is a ghost-like creature that fires Deadly Balls in all 8 directions. It is usually put in the middle of a room in level 3.

Happy Bunny :

Happy Bunny is a weird, giant white bunny, who helps Dr. Vengeful to kill Yellow Fellow. He appears 3 times in the game, in each level.


Alongside enemies, these appear in the game, too.

Deadly Ball:

This is the most frequent trap, appearing in every level, that has multiple forms. Mainly, it is shot from various directions to hit Yellow Fellow. It's second form follows a simple, spiral-like path. It can also be shot by Dr. Vengeful and Ball Criers.

Toothed Bat:

Very rare trap that when activated slides to the player from left. Usually, player is trapped in some point and he can escape to the bat, except room 3-3, where the bat chases the player.

Fake Crate:

Digsuised as a normal crate, this one quickly slides up, when the player is nearby and kills him. However, this trap is ofter required to be activated to make some places availible.

IC - 4200:

This is a robot, that looks like a beehive, that fires icycles. It appears in level 2.

Falling freezer:

These boxes of ice fall on the player in late Level 2. He/She can see it's shade that says that it will crush him soon, if he/she doesn't escape.

'Banana People ' trap:

Appearing only in room 3-2, this is the most rare trap. First, two walls explode near Yellow Fellow. When reaching a banana human, that stands in the upper part of the room, he shouts:'Banana people, we're free!' and lots of banana people start to run to the left and killing the player. He/She has to run quickly when encoutering the first one to avoid the avalanche.

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