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Released:25th december 2012

Poppy Jumper is a platformer game made by Saurum, but then deleted due to technical problems.


The game contains 7 worlds, 11 levels each.

Green gush[]

This world is something like a warehouse or a sewer. You can find here only iron boxes and blockheads.

Spotted structure[]

This world is a red-themed fairground. Here for first appear weirdmouths.

Cracked construction[]

This is a costruction site world. All former enemies appear here, but also here for first occur cannons.

Sky scope[]

This is a heaven/sky themed world. Only here, you can see and be hurted with thunderbolts.

Checkered chamber[]

This world looks like a chess pole. You can find here for first round enemies - thafts.

Creepy citadel[]

This is the old, spooky castle. Here are many mines and ghosts.

Power plant[]

Here appear together with all former enemies also nuclear ball.


When Poppy Jumper was about to be added on yoyogames, it was not possible due to its large size. M-Carrot so decided to comprize it and that caused it to be unable to be played. That, M-Carrot destroyed the file and it is not playable now.