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Shelie's Voyage is a game by Saurum Company, that was released on the 17th November 2013 and that is a sequel to Shelie's voyage 2.

Playable characters[edit | edit source]

Here are four playable characters in the game. These are: Shelie, Kotch, Kenny the fish  and Crook the stick insect . They have different skills as jump or health points.

Story[edit | edit source]

Shelie was sunbathing on her frontyard, but suddenly a rocket hit her and destroyed a part of her house. She decided to look on it closer to see where it's from and saw, it comes from Fiery Corp on Volcano Island. She went for Kotch first, before going to the island, but saw, that a big ood locked him in a cage. After getting the key, they went through Kenny's Bay, where they met Kenny, who after he tested them joined Shelie and Kotch. Together, they went to Treetop Alley, where they saw king Larveos, who turned all stick insect in the town in his slaves. Shelie raced with him for making the slaves free and won. Then, Crook joined them and after defeating Vulton in Frigid Peaks, they entered the Volcano Island. In the building of Fiery Corp, they met it's leader, Mr. Fushtonski, who said the rocket was an accident, because the rocked was fired to hit Gloxperrg the space monster. Shelie then defeats Gloxperrg herself and the game ends.


The game has 5 worlds, each having 5 levels plus a boss, so it's the richiest game by Saurums for levels, leaving Token on the second place.

(SH is for Shelie, KO is for Kotch, KE is for Kenny, CR is for Crook.)

WORLD 1 - Shelie's neighborhood: SH,SH,SH,SH,SH (BOSS - Big ood)

WORLD 2 - Kenny's Bay: SH, KO, SH, KO, SH (BOSS - Kenny the fish)

WORLD 3 - Treetop Alley: SH, KE, KO, KE, SH (BOSS - King Larveos)

WORLD 4 - Frigid Peaks: SH, CR, KO, KE, SH (BOSS - Vulton)

WORLD 5 - Fiery Corp: KE, CR, SH, KO, SH (FINAL BOSS - Gloxperrg)

Biomes[edit | edit source]

Biomes return from the first episode, though here are a lots more. These are:


-Ice-cream hills

-Shrub zone




-Snowy plains


-Construction site


Enemies[edit | edit source]

Enemies move a bit untraditionally, as randomly turning, what makes them very unpredictable.

Trailer[edit | edit source]

Trailer for SV3 was released 25th August 2013. Sheila and Kotch played in its' live segment and it contained also videos from the game.

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