Shelie's voyage is a christmas gift from Saurum. It's the second game from Saurum company. It continues with Shelie's voyage 2.

Story[edit | edit source]

Shelie, the main protagonist of the game, is preparing a party, but when she's outside, the thief is stoling her meal! Shelie must find him and take, what belongs to her.

Biomes[edit | edit source]

This is a first game from saurum, where are the biomes.

Plains[edit | edit source]

Plains contains a lot of hog pillars. You can see them on the first image. Here you can also see Yelk, the basic enemy in the game.

Underground[edit | edit source]

You will fall underground at the end of third level. There aren't hog pillars, but lazy pillars and Yelks also disappeared. The basic enemy here is Burdog. It looks like a plant. Then here are roots and itching weeds. The itching weeds are also in the Plains.

Golden mine[edit | edit source]

Golden mine is last seventh level ( But you are going to leave it for a while.). Here's lava and wooden pillars, which aren't solid. Here's a lot of minecarts and the basic enemy is an eggstar (You can see everything on the picture.

The golden mine


You can play the game here:

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