What will appear in SV2

Shelie's voyage 2 is computer game made by Saurum. Now, it is their largest game file.

Worlds[edit | edit source]

Here you can see some worlds

Shelie's voyage 2 has these worlds:

  • Shelie's neighborhood
  • Desert
  • Deep jungle
  • Volcano island
  • Cementry
  • Goblin village
  • Golden mine

Shelie's neighborhood:[edit | edit source]

Main article:Shelie's neighborhood Level 1-1 is easy, player is recognizes the environment of the game. Next level is a bit more hard. First time, here's large pit filled with poises. Level 1-3 is a bit easier.

In this world, you can find yelks, oods and poises, enemies, which were also in SV.

Desert[edit | edit source]

Main article:Desert First level to play as Kotch. In these levels, you have to fight with mummies, cactoises, patata grandes and cat-eaters.

Deep jungle[edit | edit source]

Main article:Deep jungle Shelie is in jungle with cat-eaters, large poises, larvas and burdogs. All levels are short for width, but long for height.

Volcano island[edit | edit source]

Kotch is in place, where volcanoes errupt and in this rush, he has to avoid drakons and drakes, their projectiles? Lava changed yelks in metals and boulders in obsidians.

Cementry[edit | edit source]

Shelie is in cementry with zombies, saladus and evil ernests.

Elf village[edit | edit source]

Kotch passes through village, where live trolls and elves the sorcerers.

Golden mine[edit | edit source]

Finally, Shelie gets to cave with eggstars and bronzefishes. Here, she fights with strange thing.

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