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What will appear in SV2

Shelie's voyage 2 is computer game made by Saurum. Now, it is their largest game file.



Here you can see some worlds

Shelie's voyage 2 has these worlds:
  • Shelie's neighborhood
  • Desert
  • Deep jungle
  • Volcano island
  • Cementry
  • Goblin village
  • Golden mine

Shelie's neighborhood:Edit

Main article:Shelie's neighborhood Level 1-1 is easy, player is recognizes the environment of the game. Next level is a bit more hard. First time, here's large pit filled with poises. Level 1-3 is a bit easier.

In this world, you can find yelks, oods and poises, enemies, which were also in SV.


Main article:Desert First level to play as Kotch. In these levels, you have to fight with mummies, cactoises, patata grandes and cat-eaters.

Deep jungleEdit

Main article:Deep jungle Shelie is in jungle with cat-eaters, large poises, larvas and burdogs. All levels are short for width, but long for height.

Volcano islandEdit

Kotch is in place, where volcanoes errupt and in this rush, he has to avoid drakons and drakes, their projectiles? Lava changed yelks in metals and boulders in obsidians.


Shelie is in cementry with zombies, saladus and evil ernests.

Elf villageEdit

Kotch passes through village, where live trolls and elves the sorcerers.

Golden mineEdit

Finally, Shelie gets to cave with eggstars and bronzefishes. Here, she fights with strange thing.

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