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Version 1,4 was released 4th december 2011. M-Carrot said, that was difficult to do that with so little time. The game now contains music, new levels and two new enemies.



M-carrot forgot to write 2 new enemies on the ending list. People didn't know their names a long time, but he wrote one of them on facebook and the second will be revealed in 1,5.


Answerb said, than he will make another games now, so the Token's lovers have to wait some time. He wrote with M-Carrot on facebook, than he will make Shelie's voyage and Super space ship before Token 1,5, but when they did (Shelie only), Token 1,5 was released.

Games by Saurum company
2011: Token 1,3, Token 1,4, Shelie's voyage

2012: Token 1,5, Token 1,5 - limited valentine edition, Roundies painting, Token 1,6, Token 1,6,6, Full Moon, Shelie's voyage 2, Token 1,7

2013: Grass Cutter,Token 1,7,3, Knightelus,Iceguy,Balls Attack!,Shelie's Voyage 3,Christmas Chinchilla

2014:Odd Adventure of Yellow Fellow,Token 1,7,8