Token 1,7,8 is a version of Token, that was made publically availible 8th June 2014.


On the instructions screen before every level in adventure mode was written the level count. New enemy, Goerannean, that can destroy TNTs, was added. Collisions of Token are now smooth, as a mask was given to him. Enemies now create blood when they die.

Games by Saurum company
2011: Token 1,3, Token 1,4, Shelie's voyage

2012: Token 1,5, Token 1,5 - limited valentine edition, Roundies painting, Token 1,6, Token 1,6,6, Full Moon, Shelie's voyage 2, Token 1,7

2013: Grass Cutter,Token 1,7,3, Knightelus,Iceguy,Balls Attack!,Shelie's Voyage 3,Christmas Chinchilla

2014:Odd Adventure of Yellow Fellow,Token 1,7,8

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