In the game Token, there are few enemies, you can destroy by TNTs, Greenades, Time bombs, Landmines or air strikes. The enemies are creating from a pipe (Adventure mode) or from a monster spawner(Survival mode).

Original enemies from 1,3[edit | edit source]

Shiftface[edit | edit source]

(Main article Shiftface)


Shiftface is the basic enemy in the game token.

Lost soul
Lost Soul.png
[edit | edit source]

(Main article: Lost soul)

Lost souls aren't dangerous for you, but when they're weaken by dynamite, they will turn into Angry souls. They aren't very hard in 1,3, 1,4 and as well in every version , because the game isn't finished now.

Poke[edit | edit source]

(Main article: Poke)

Pokes are the hardest enemies for some players, because they fly trough walls. They change their direction



Cobble[edit | edit source]

(Main article: Cobble)

Cobble is a red spider. Token will obtain landmines from it, but later, he will obtain traps from cobbles and


landmines from Poke.

Garn[edit | edit source]

Garn is exploding enemie. Token now gets greenades from it, when exploded, but later, he will get them only


when killed.

Horson[edit | edit source]

(Main article: Horson)

Horson is a wraith. He shots projectiles to all directions. He drops air strikes

[edit | edit source]

Flant[edit | edit source]

Flant is now quick enemie and he drops flint and steel.


[edit | edit source]

It's a basic robot enemy.

Mechaskull[edit | edit source]

It drops time bombs.


1,4 update[edit | edit source]

Fire blossom[edit | edit source]

The history of it's name is very intersting. In 1,4, it wasn't in the ending. Gi-ant wasn't here too, but M-Carrot wrote it's name on facebook.

Fire flower.png

He tried, to call it after players' ideas and partically he did. They called it Fire flower, so he changed only the last word.

It only stays and shoots and it is breakable.

Gi-ant[edit | edit source]

Gi-ant is large ant and he don't drop nothing. His name also wasn't on the ending list, but M-Carrot wrote it to facebook. He said, than he wanted to write there Fire flower too, but he said, than the name by him is worse


than Fire flower, so maybe the name will be so. Gi-ant is moving like shiftface.

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