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Yelk, the basic enemie in Shelie series

Vitellus chlamydemus

Yelk is the basic enemy in Shelie series. They occur on the plains, they are commonly found alongside Ood.

Physical appearance[]

Yelk is a yellow creature with two legs with retractable claws. It's eyes are protected with semitransparent membrane. It has a keratine spur on his head between the cat ears. By the spur, it can talk to another yelks and get them to his place.


Yelk has some forms, revealed are 3:

Three types of yelk

1. - Classic Yelk[]

This yelk is the normall one and it is the most common one. How it looks is written above.

2. - Metal[]

Several years ago, this was used to be normal look of yelk in the Shelie comics, but then, it became yellow. However, because M-Carrot wanted to use it's original form in the game, too, this type was used in SV2 in Volcano island.

3. - Saladu[]

Saladu is a dead yelk. They were awakened and they left their coffin in SV2. Saladu is something like zombie yelk, who is angry, that it can't sleep. His name comes from the fact it looks similar to salad.